Centrifugally cast concrete pipe (CCCP) successfully restores severely deteriorated large diameter concrete, brick or corrugated metal pipelines of all shapes, types and conditions, including elliptical and arched pipelines. This technology is designed to rehabilitate pipelines ranging from 30″ to 120″ in diameter.

Culverts are typically made of Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP), which has a 20- to 30-year lifespan. Unfortunately, many culvert pipes have not been maintained, which means there are a lot of failing culverts. Underground Tech’s culvert pipe rehabilitation makes the structure safe again and enhances its performance.

Culvert failure can occur for reasons other than poor maintenance. Environmental factors or functional failures can cause the soil to erode around or under a culvert. Structural and material failures can cause culverts to collapse or corrode.

Options to repair a failed culvert:

– Digging and Replacing is expensive and disruptive
– Slip-lining reduces pipe capacity
– Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) for large-diameter pipe can be expensive

Underground Tech uses centrifugally cast concrete pipe to repair culvert pipes. CCCP can rehabilitate pipes greater than 30”, non-round shapes, and bends.

Advantages of CCCP
– Fully Structural Lining Solution
– ML-72 cures up to 10,000 psi compressive strength
– Significant Cost Advantages
– Non-intrusive repair method

Corrugated metal can rust and buckle, but CCCP creates a new, structurally sound concrete pipe inside the old existing one. Centrifugally cast concrete pipe is waterproof and fully sealed, and this material can double the life of the pipe.

CCCP is a non-intrusive repair method that does not require repaving, traffic detours, or hazardous construction. The process starts when an engineer inspects the old pipe. They determine how thick the new concrete liner should be based on the depth and size of the existing pipe, the depths of the local water table, and other factors.

Once the engineer determines the project parameters, the team stops water flowing through the pipe and removes debris, mud, gravel, and roots from the pipe. After this, the interior is thoroughly cleaned.

If there is damage to the pipe that requires repair, this is done before casting. Our team pumps mortar that permanently seals the bottom of the pipe and makes a new structural base.

Next, we place the spin-caster in the center of the pipe’s base. The concrete is cast evenly throughout the pipe interior, from one end to the other. The spin-caster moves at a controlled speed to ensure even thickness.

The result of concrete culvert repair is a seamless, high-strength structural pipe. The concrete cures in place within hours and can quickly return to service.

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