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Yahoo makes yet another acquisition

Yahoo makes yet another acquisitionExpansion at Yahoo continues with them purchasing ‘Blink.’ Reports say that the company was not after buying the application Blink but was actually behind getting the team that made the application so successful. Blink, is a software that is just one year old which shows good potential to become a leading software.

Yahoo has bought over Blink which is a mobile application that deletes messages from your device at a predetermined time that is set by you. Yahoo aims to bring down both the Android as well as the iOS versions of the application in the coming weeks.

Guido Lang, who is an assistant professor of computer information systems at Quinnipiac University mentioned, “I think the acquisition of Blink by Yahoo is yet another ‘acquihire’. From what I can tell, Blink doesnot have any valuable intellectual property, nor does it have a significantly large user base to be of interest to Yahoo.”


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New objective for Facebook as they attempt to blaze new gaming trail on Apple iPads

New objective - Facebook attempt to blaze new gaming trail on Apple iPadsNew objective – Facebook attempt to blaze new gaming trail on Apple iPads

According to HIS’s Steve Bailey, many companies have endeavored to deliver enhanced functionality for games through filters, but the truth is that very few have been able to succeed.

Facebook had the upper hand when compared to the others a sit had access to something that most other companies did not have which is a pre-existing network along with an intimate social graph. This particular capability to circulate content among users, so expertly and aptly will allow Facebook to take over and become the chief game platform on desktop computers.

Facebook revealed an iPad application update intended to make the website a center for content discovery, gaming and videos. With the update, anew panel comes upon the right-hand side of the screen of the iPad providing entertainment and news.


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Latest on the Samsung and Apple saga

Latest on the Samsung and Apple sagaThe legal battle between Apple and Samsung continues, but this time it is Samsung who has taken a slight lead over Apple.

In a $2 billion patent trial in the Silicon Valley, the US Court rejected Apple’s bid to ban the sales of revival Samsung Smartphones in US.

This decision, over features provided in the Android-powered device that competes with Apple’s iPhone and iPad, in the long run will work against Apple in their battle with Samsung. Patent in dispute involve slide gestures to unlock touchscreens, auto correct while typing, performing actions on searched data (like navigating to a place once you for search it on Google) and retrieving data sought by users.


Best practices if you own a smartphone

best-practices-if-you-own-a-smartphoneIf you own a smartphone in today’s day and age, the phone certainly means more to you than most of your other possessions. Well, ensure that you keep your phone and its data safe by following these few rules so as to keep yourself protected as much as possible.

  1. Lock your device using a lock code

From text messages to e-mails, phonebook entries and contact lists with pictures, your smartphone has loads of personal information stored on it. This makes keeping it safe even more important. It is advised to use a 4-digit PIN or even an actual worded/ numbered or a combination of both as a password. This should help keep nosy people or even worse, thieves from accessing all your personal information.


All you have to say is ‘Yo’

yoCan you actually call a texting or a messaging application, a texting or messaging application when you actually do not send a proper message or type a text?

There is a new mobile application that has come out called Yo. This new application has gone viral and lets users interact with their contacts and friends in zero characters.How it works is, in place of an actual text message, the users can send and send and receive push notification with just one simple greeting, “Yo!”

So according to the application, if you want to say ‘Good morning’ to your friends, just ‘Yo’ them, or if you want say thinking about you,just send to them a ‘Yo’